Short Stories

Aquí tienes algunas historias escritas por alumnos del centro. Las hay divertidas, románticas, fantásticas,...
Disfruta leyéndolas e inspírate para escribir la tuya.



Many years ago, a woman lived in a cabin near the lake, in the forest. One day, she disappered nobody knows the reason. Fourteen years ago, my parents decided to buy a house in the forest, because they love the place. I have a twin sister and I`m going to tell you one story that happened to my friends, my sister and me.

The Barbarian Boy

Once upon time were was a boy called Ragnar who lived in a barbarian village in northenrn Greece. He and his family were engaged to the work of collecting fruit from the town to survive when the winter was coming but he didn't know why he was doing this work because he didn't like it, he wanted to be a warrior like the rest of his friend and town from attack of another tribe.

My Pet

I will never forget the day that my first pet was given to me. It was a summer day, my sister and I were watching a film and eating sweets. My mother said that She was going to go shopping in the supermarket and she would be back in an hour.

The Price of a Miracle

Long time ago, there were two orphan siblings whose names had been forgotten. He, the older brother was strong and and tough, as he worked as hunter. She, the younger sister was friendly and lovely. They were both tall for their ages, and lived without a home, walking town after town, looking for food, water, and somewhere to rest. People didn't like them, because they believed they were monsters that their parents throwed them away like rubbish.

Tommy, the Small Person.

Once upon a time, in a little village of England, two married people lived,who had a child. That is a normal situation....the problem was the following: when the child was born (Tommy was his name), his body as smaller than a little dog. When their parents looked at Tommy, they thought that Tommy wasn´t a normal person like others.

Little red riding Hood.

Once upon a time, a girl called Little red riding Hood lived with her family in a beautiful place. She was a very good person and she liked helping people.

In her city there was a bad Wolf who ate humans. Little red riding Hood knew that he was very bad but she was falling in love of him.


Four years ago, I went to the beach with my family as we always do. We were having a great time when, suddenly, it started to rain, we couldn't believe it because hours before it was sunny, so we started to pick up our things.

When we were picking up the things the rain stopped and we decided to stay at the beach.


Lia said goodbye to her father and she left her home to go to school. Lia knew that everybody laugted at her, classmates would not talk to her, and they will only ignore her.

A year ago, when her mother died, Lia chaged her way of dressing


There was a prince who was looking for a princess. But she must be a real princess. He went right around the world, and he looked for once upon a time, the beautiful princesses. There was always something not quite right about them. He came home, very disappointed.

One night, there was the most terrible storm.


Once upon a time, a girl went to travel to a beautiful Cadiz beach. Her parents weren´t convened because she was going to travel alone. But finaly, they allowed her to go.

She arrived by bus to the beach. From the window of the hotel room, she could watch the sunset in the beach.